The design for this set of French Doors was based on the ‘Wisteria’ windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The doors separate the dining room from the conservatory and can be seen from the entrance hall where the Lily door panels are situated. The 2 sets of windows are linked by their colouring, but the designs are very different. The wisteria design does not include any painted work, but the myriad tiny pieces give the feeling of detail. Once the glass is cut, it is assembled onto a glass easel which allows the designer and client to view the finished piece before it is committed to being made into a window. At this point, colours and tones can be balanced out and textures can be assessed for transparency and opacity.

For such small pieces of glass not to be swallowed up by vast amounts of lead, a technique using copperfoil can be used. This technique was pioneered by Tiffany and is interchangeable with lead. The panels are assembled on the cutline in order to fit the pieces together accurately and to ensure that straight lines are true.